Travel Program


South County Soccer League (SCSL) participates in the Mid New Jersey Youth Soccer Association (MNJYSA) travel program.  This program consists of teams from around central New Jersey. Travel soccer is open to boys and girls aged 8 to 18 years old and requires a “tryout”.  Once a player is accepted onto a travel team, the players are divided into groups based on their age (see chart below).  Girls may play on boys travel teams but no boy can play on a girls travel team.

Travel is different than rec in that there is more of a time commitment required. Games are played against other travel teams  and may require a commute of up to an hour.   Professional trainers lead one training session and possibly two.  The practice sessions are usually one to one and half hours long.  The level of play is much higher than at the rec level.  There are games every Sunday and during the spring there is a playoff for each division.

The size of the team is also based on the age group (see chart below).  Although some teams do have parent coaches for games, the coaches must have a valid USSF coaching license, Class F or higher.

Detailed Information


Practices are held either at the East Amwell Municipal Complex or across the street at the East Amwell School Fields. Once the teams are formed, the coaches will inform the parents of the training location and time.

What to wear

All players are required to wear shin guards, cleats and comfortable clothes to practices (shorts and t- shirts). Everyone should bring water bottles for proper hydration.


Games are usually played on Sundays for U9 and older.

U8 and U7 games are played on Saturday.

                              Game Duration                 Match Team Size

u19, u18, u17             90 minutes                            11 v 11

u16, u15                      80 minutes                            11 v 11

u14, u13                      70 minutes                            11 v 11

u12, u11                      60 minutes                              9 v 9

u10, u9                       50 minutes                              7 v 7

u8, u7                         50 minutes                              4 v 4 


One of our primary goals at South County is to ensure that any child who wants to learn to play soccer can do so at an affordable price.

The cost for travel soccer covers:

  • Pre-season Summer Camp (5 days)
  • Fall Season in MNJYSA league
  • Winter indoor training program
  • Spring Season in MNJYSA league
  • At least one tournament during the 2017/18 year
  • All Ref fees
  • MNJYSA registration fees
  • Professional Training throughout
    • Summer Camp
    • 2 sessions a week in-season
    • 1 session a week for Winter program

 If a team decides to participate in additional tournaments, there will  be an additional fee.

NEW THIS YEAR: We are pleased to offer a payment plan – a $100 deposit at registration and the balance divided into  additional equal payments.